ASA Sessions and Meeting

Class without Place: Right-to-Education Petitions among the Migrant Middle Class in Beijing. Irene Pang, Brown University


Table 15. Political community and power

Table Presider: Louisa M. McClintock, Columbia University

Beyond Poverty: A Cultural Approach to Vote Buying. Mariana Borges Martins da Silva, Northwestern Collaborators

One and All? Jews, Volksdeutsche, Poles and the (Re)Construction of Community in Postwar Poland. Louisa M. McClintock, Columbia University

Multiple Policings and Police Masculinities in Turkey. Betul Eksi, Northeastern University & Marmara University

Politicizing Spirituality: State-society Relations in China through the Case of Falun Gong. Myunggyo Kim, Harvard University



Section on Political Sociology Business Meeting



  1. Section on Political Sociology Paper Session. The Consequences of Social Movements

Session Organizer: Matthias vom Hau, Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI)

Creative Destruction: Local Outcomes of G20 Summit Protests in Pittsburgh and Toronto. Lesley J. Wood, York University; Suzanne Staggenborg, University of Pittsburgh; Glenn Stalker, Brock University; Rachel V. Kutz-Flamenbaum, University of Pittsburgh

How Social Movement Targets Shape Movement Outcomes. Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, University of San Diego

Popular Mobilization and the Durability of New Democracies. M. Ali Kadivar

The Child Health Consequences of Pragmatist Social Movements in Urban Brazil. Christopher Laurence Gibson, Simon Fraser University


Mon, Aug 22


336. Section on Political Sociology Paper Session. Citizenship and Protest in the 21st Century: #Blacklivesmatter and Other Recent Movements in Context

Session Organizer: Catherine Lee, Rutgers University

Presider: Glenn Edward Bracey, Hollin University

Building Protest Movements on Twitter: Geographical Anatomy of the Open Source Campaigns #not1more and #blacklivesmatter. Sander van Haperen, University of Amsterdam; Walter Nicholls, University of California-Irvine; Justus L. Uitermark, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Hashtag Activism Is New But Movements Are Not: Organizational Age and Political Protest. Jen Schradie, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse

Hegemony Versus Globalization: Protest, Repression and the Struggle for Power in Post-Chávez Venezuela. David A. Smilde, Tulane University; Jennifer Triplett

Tweeting from Gezi Park: Social Media and Repression Backfire. Heidi Reynolds-Stenson, University of Arizona; Meltem Odabas, University of Arizona



374. Section on Political Sociology Paper Session. Formal and Informal Strategies of Resistance to Authoritarianism

Session Organizer: Samuel Greene, King’s College London

Presider: Samuel Greene, King’s College London

Allies in Action: Institutional Actors and Grassroots Environmental Activism in China. Yang Zhang, University of Chicago

Emotions in Environmental Self-Organized Grassroots Groups in Mexico: Activism, Burnout, Collective Identity and Organization. Alice Poma; Tommaso Gravante, UNAM FES Iztacala

How Social Media Complicates Concealment and Disclosure of Stigmatized Political Beliefs in an Authoritarian Setting. Katy Elizabeth Pearce, University of Washington; Jessica Vitak, University of Maryland

Street-collar Crime: How Culture, Opportunity, and Utility Shape Citizen Participation in Bureaucratic Bribery. Marina Zaloznaya, The University of Iowa; Vicki Hesli Claypool, University of Iowa; William Reisinger, University of Iowa

Discussant: Charles Kurzman, University of North Carolina



439. Regular Session. Political Sociology

Session Organizer: Rebecca R. Scott, University of Missouri-Columbia

Presider: Rebecca R. Scott, University of Missouri-Columbia

Capital Strikes as a Corporate Political Strategy: The Structural Power of Business in the Obama Era. Tarun David Banerjee, University of Pittsburgh; Kevin Young, State University of New York at Stony Brook; Michael Schwartz, Stony Brook State University