ASA Sessions and Meeting


Table 8. Determinants of Congressional Voting and Legislation

Table Presider: Kadie Manion

Class Conflict in the Political Arena: Business versus Labor in the U.S. House. Clayton D. Peoples, University of Nevada, Reno

On Position-taking in Congress and the Effects of Vote Share and Socioeconomic Context. Nicholas Clark Judd, University of Chicago

Right-wing Mobilization and Right to Work Laws: A Dynamic Approach to Right-wing Successes and Failures. Kadie Manion,


Table 9. Political Dynamics of Individual Actions

Table Presider: Dmitri Shalin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Chinese Youth and Alternative Narratives of Volunteering. Anthony J. Spires, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Gambling, Fatefulness, and Risk Society. Dmitri  Shalin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Care for the Self as a Practice of Statehood: Malaria and State-formation in Mandatory Palestine. Omri Tubi, Northwestern University

Who Walks, Who Runs, Who Cares? Participation in Fitness Fundraisers and its Correlates. Peter Hart-Brinson, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Table 10. Recruitment and Mobilization

Table Presider: Corrie Ellis Grosse, University of California Santa Barbara

Recruiting Rebellion: An Ecology of Affiliation in Civil War. Andrew Davis, University of Arizona

The Creation of Youth Climate Justice Cultures in Santa Barbara, California. Corrie Ellis Grosse, University of California Santa Barbara

The Unprecedented Protest of 25 January: Political Realignments, Opposition Forces and Labor. Nada Matta, New York Univeristy

Political Culture and the Peace Movements in Israel. Nahed Habiballah, Arab American University – Palestine


Refereed Roundtables

Table 11. Race and Racialized Politics

Table Presider: Madison Van Oort, University of Minnesota

Racialized Tactics: The Use of Threat in the Fight Against Affirmative Action. J. Scott Carter, University of Central Florida; Andrew Frederick Baird, University of    West Georgia; Shannon K. Carter, University of Central Florida

Shut It Down!: Black Lives Matter and Retail Disruption. Madison Van Oort, University of Minnesota

The Political Uses of Race and Ethnicity: Ethno-racial References in the Toronto and Chicago Municipal Elections. Jan Doering, University of Toronto


Table 12. Issues in Governance

Table Presider: Greg Williams, Fielding Graduate University

Governance by Scandal? Reconsidering the Influence of Media Interest on State Agencies. Thomas Crosbie, University of Maryland College Park

What Is the Impact of Global Institutions’ Governance on Globalization and Economic Inequality? Greg Williams, Fielding Graduate University

Why American Political Culture Interferes with Developing More Democratic Corporate Governance. Jerome Braun


Table 13. Political Attitudes and Values

Table Presider: Anne Boyle Cross, Metropolitan State University

Individual Education and Societal Conditioning Effects on Liberalism Values: Evidence from World Value Survey. Tony Huiquan Zhang, University of Toronto

Professional Territories and Public Spaces: The Role of the Public Eye in Shaping   Procedural Justice. Anne Boyle Cross, Metropolitan State University

Wife Beating Attitudes and The Effects of Religion, Urbanity, and Education in Egypt. Golshan Golriz, McGill University; Skye Miner, McGill University


Table 14. Structural roots and political outcomes

Table Presider: Barbara Wejnert, University at Buffalo

Global Diffusion of Democracy, Globalization and Disempowerment of Women: Multilevel Growth Models. Barbara Wejnert, University at Buffalo

The Political Economy of Anti-immigrant Parties. Winston Chou, Princeton University The Structural Roots of the Paranoid Style – The Rational Roots of Irrational Politics. John D Kincaid, UC Davis