Mini-Conference Schedule

Mini-Conference Panel Descriptions

8:30–9:45 am

 The Trump Style of Populism, Part 1 (SEP-1, Carlos de la Torre) Politics in 'Authoritarian' China (SEP-4, Thomas Janoski)

10:00–11:15 am

 The Politics of Fear and Resentment (SEP-2, Bart Bonikowski)  Trump and the European Populists (SEP-5, Richard Lachmann)

11:30 am–12:45 pm

 The Trump Style of Populism, Part 2 (SEP-3, Carlos de la Torre) Resistance at the National and Local Levels (SEP-6, Thomas Janoski)

1:15–2:30 pm

 Public Opinion and Mobilization (Open Panel 1, Thomas Janoski) Policy Issues: Guns, Campaigns, Revenues, and Climate Policies (Open Panel 2, Richard Lachmann)

2:45–4:00 pm

 The Base? The People, the Excluded, and the Manipulators of Both (SEP-7, Delia Baldassarri) Democracy, Populism and Nationalism in the US and the World (SEP-9, Richard Lachmann)

4:15–5:30 pm

 Theories of Charisma and Populism (SEP-8, Bart Bonikowski) Threats, Violence, and Mobilization (SEP-10, TBD)     

6:00–7:00 pm

 Plenary: Speaker 1 on the base, Speaker 2 on resistance, Speaker 3 on the future

7:00–8:00 pm

 Drinks and Hors d’oeuvres at nearby bar and grill